DIY Lamp Kit

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There are 4 colours available:

Silver - Grey cable, white plug and switch

Rose Gold - Pink cable, white plug and switch

Antique Bronze - Brown cable, black plug and switch

Slate Grey - Black cable, black plug and switch


What’s included

  • Pre-assembled and fully wired lamp holder, with a colour co-ordinated twisted rustic cloth covered cord which has a retro on/off switch perfectly placed along the 2 meters of cable and has a matching 2 pin plug at the end. 

  • 2 Rubber bungs. 17mm and 19mm Perfectly sized to fit most bottles as they expand when compressed when the nut tightens.

  • NB: For some larger bottles such as demi john's you will need a larger bung which is 25mm. These are sold separately. 



    What else will you need?

    • Your chosen base that either HAS a hole, or that you can MAKE a hole in

    • An E27 (Edison screw) lightbulb

    • A Pair of Pliers for the perfect fit